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51861 Confederate (CSA) Half Dollar Silver Coin - Replica  Mar 31, 2014
By The Confederate Artist "Gary"
This is a really nice replica Confederate Half Dollar... I bought it to carry around as a good luck piece or novelty, but now, can't bring myself to mess it up. I've bought others, Confederate Half slugs and had one that my Dad gave me I was a young boy.. but this is the Confederate Half Dollar as it would have looked when produced at the New Orleans Mint. The only thing that takes away from its beauty, is the small word "copy" stamped in to the reverse... seems it would serve the same purpose stamped in to the ribbed finger edge.. still, the thing is nice and worth every bit of the 15 or so dollars... any self respecting Johnny Secesh should have one of these as part of their collection, just to look at if nothing else.. the cost of a real one is almost is out of reach of the average person, especially in the worst economy as todays is... very nice piece.. I was quite surprised and very pleased with how nice it looked and it comes in a thick clear plastic coin case, just like at coin shops, and opens to give you access to the coin... Trust me, if you love the Old South, The Confederacy or history in general, you wont regret this purchase.

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